1. Own buses                                                          Residential
2. Buses hired on contract basis
3. Details of transport charges



Library facilities
1 Size of the Library in sq.feet                                     40 X 22 feet
2 No. of periodical                                                           32
3 No. Dailies                                                                    Nil
4 No. of Reference books class-wise                            5394
5 No. of Magazine                                                             40
6 Others        - Coin Collection ,Match Box Collection ,Scrap Book-75 pc.
Miscellaneous facilities provided by the school in addition to the all facilities, the school provides many other facilities as under:à
a.) Solar Water Heater. The Vidyalaya has Solar Water Heater to provide hot water facility during winter.

b.) Barber. A barber visits the school twice in a week for hair-dressing of the students without any charge. All the money is paid by the school.

c.) Water Plant. To provide fresh and clean water to the students the Vidyalaya has a big water plant and one water tank also.

d.) STD/PCO. There is also the facility of STD/PCO in school campus. So the students have no need to go outside the campus to phone. This saves valuable time of the students.

e.) Guest House. The school has a very dignified guest house near the teaching block. This house caters to the guests by providing various amenities to the guests.